On 21st October 1998, Siraj Khaleda trust was established. The children of Late Mr. Sirajul Karim Khan and Mrs. Khaleda Karim Khan and some renowned philanthropists had established the trust. Mr. Muhammed Aziz Khan, the founding Chairman of the Trust with eight other Board of trustees established the Trust to preserve the memory of his deceased parents Mr. Sirajul Karim Khan and Mrs. Khaleda Karim Khan. The priority of the Trust is to improve the socio-human advancement, well-being and rehabilitation of misery of the poor and underprivileged in a spirit of social justice and common human values. Health care, educational support and social rehabilitation are exactly the fields that the Trust intends to support.

Since 1998 Summit Group of Companies has been sponsoring the Trust. Summit has always stood forward for all kinds of philanthropist activities. Summit works hand in hand with the Trust.