Siraj Khaleda Stipend

Summit believes that the light of education is a necessity if we want to see the world as a fair place where everyone is given equal opportunities. So, it actively contributes to the social and economic development of the communities. Summit provides a monthly educational stipend to 15 individuals.

 “Khaleda Siraj Stipend” will be paid from company account under the following terms and conditions:

  • To all student children of Summit Industrial and Mercantile Corporation (PVT) Limited employees, at the rate of TK 100 per month per student & TK 300 upon successful promotion to the next class.
  • The stipend will be available to students irrespective of his/her class.
  • Proof of studentship will be last month’s tuition fees to recognized educational institutes.
  • In addition to the above student children, the Chairman may give the said “Khaleda Siraj Stipend” to anybody at his discretion.

The Siraj Khaled Trust provides stipends to financially disadvantaged as well as orphaned children.